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Fascinating Museums in Morocco
indulge in Moroccan architecture, art, crafts, history, archaeology, & science

Fascinating Museums in Morocco

Visit Morocco’s museums to indulge in Moroccan architecture, art, crafts, history, archaeology, and science. Morocco has museums throughout the country devoted to regional features and cultural highlights where you can learn about local Moroccan culture and gain a deeper knowledge of the country and its inhabitants.

Atlas Film Studio Ouarzazate
Berber Museum Majorelle Gardens
Berber Museum Majorelle Gardens
Batha Museum Fes
Dar Jamai Museum Meknes
Marrakech Museum
Borj Nord Museum Fes
Yves Saint Laurent Museum Majorelle Gardens Marrakech
Berber Museum Majorelle Gardens Marrakech

Museums in Tangier

Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities

Located within Dar El Makhzen, the Sultanate Palace, this museum exhibits artifacts that relate to core Moroccan subjects and historical antiquities, as well as displaying Moroccan artists from throughout the country.
Address: Dar el Makhzen, Place de la Kasbah
Tel: (212 9) 93 20 97

Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies

Visit a US National Historic Landmark in Morocco at this cultural exchange institute, museum, library, and conference center. This classic Moorish building houses a US – Morocco exchange institute where you can visit the museum to learn about the history of US – Morocco diplomatic and cultural relations. The rooftop lookout allows visitors a stunning view of the surrounding area.
Address: 8 Zankat America, Tangier
Tel: (212 9) 93 53 17

Forbes Museum of Tangier

Established by American billionaire Malcolm Forbes and passed onto the Moroccan government after his death in 1990, this museum is dedicated to military battles of the past and the collection includes lead model soldiers set in reenactments of historic battles in diorama. The garden of the museum displays a tribute to the famous ancient northern Moroccan Battle of Three Kings.
Address: Palais Mendoub, rue Shakespeare, Tangier
Tel: (212 9) 93 36 06

Museums in Tetouan

Museum of Archaeology at Tetouan

This museum is dedicated to the prehistoric and pre-Islamic period of Morocco’s history. Visitors will learn and discover the fascinating ancient history of the Roman, Phoenician, Mauritanian, and Punic civilizations and the impact they had on the landscape and geography of Morocco.
Address: 2 rue Ben Hussaien, Tetouan
Tel: (212 9) 93 20 97

Ethnographic Museum of Tetouan

The gorgeous exhibits at this museum give visitors incredible insight into the daily lives of Morocco’s people by displaying handicrafts and objects of daily use that highlight local artistic talents and fascinating traditions.
Address: Avenue Skala Bab El Oukla
Tel: (212 9) 97 05 05

Museums in Meknes

Dar Jamai Museum

The Jamai family home was converted to a museum because the 19th century palatial house is an exquisite display of an Andalusian-style garden and traditional Moroccan building craftsmanship with marqueterie, woodwork, wrought iron, and tile. The exhibits of traditional crafts illustrate the cultural phenomena of the region with brass work, wood carvings, leather work, copper work and ceramics.
Address: Sahat El Hadim, Meknes
Tel: (212 5) 53 08 63

Museums in Rabat

Oudaias Museum

A museum devoted to local crafts is found within a traditional Moroccan palace from the 17th century which is at the center of a lush garden with pathways throughout the thick beds of local flora. The museum collection is an eclectic mix of carpets, ceramics, jewelry, musical instruments, and ancient Korans.
Address: Kasbah des Oudaias, Rabat
Tel: (212 7) 73 15 37

Natural Science Museum of Rabat

Primarily dedicated to paleontology and geology, there are collections of fossils and fossilized plants, a fossil sauropod skeleton display, and exhibits relating the the geological history of the Earth.
Address: Ministry of Energy and Mining, Rabat
Tel: (212 7) 77 79 42

Archaeological Museum of Rabat

Considered one of the best museums in Morocco, the collections include artifacts from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, as well as exhibits from Pre-Roman, Roman, and ancient Islamic Moroccan archaeological sites. The bronze sculptures from Pre-Roman and Roman civilizations are especially worthwhile.
Address: 23 rue Brihi, Rabat
Tel: (212 7) 70 19 19

Postal Museum

For the philatelist or amateur stamp-lover, this museum devoted to Morocco’s postal system displays a collection of Moroccan stamps, telegraphs, telephones, and other communication systems from Morocco’s history.
Address: Ministry of P&T, Rabat

Museums in Fes

Dar Batha Museum

Containing a broad collection of assorted traditional arts and crafts from Fes, this museum is located within a Hispano-Moresque villa. The diverse assembly illustrates the unique craftsmanship of the region with functional items including carved wooden and wrought iron furniture, ceramics, carpets, jewelry, and astrolabes.
Address: Place du Batha, Fez
Tel: (212 55) 63 41 16

Borj-Nord Museum

The 16th century fortress towering over the city of Fes is home to the Borj-Nord Museum specializing in the military history of Morocco with fantastic displays of historical weaponry from all over the world and rare pieces from the Royal collection.
Located in Fez
Telephone: 212 564 5241

Museums in Marrakesh

Dar Si Said Museum

A museum that could be confused with a palace of treasures, this superb repository containing an assemblage of Moroccan antique decorative arts and handcrafted items ranging from clothing, copper, Berber jewelry, carpets, furniture, and building materials, many still used in the remote regions of the country.
Address: Riad Ez-Zaitoun El Jadid, Marrakesh
Tel: (212 4) 44 24 64

Bert Flint Museum – Maison Tiskiwin

A distinctive museum focusing on the culture of the Souss Valley and Sahara compiled and donated to Morocco by Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint. The discerning collection of music instruments, textiles, furniture, and costumes gathered by Flint during his Moroccan travels is a charming place to learn more about this unique region of Morocco.
Address: Avenue Mohamed V, Marrakesh
Tel: (212 8) 84 07 84

Majorelle Museum and Gardens

The intense blue house and studio of French artist Jacques Majorelle is now a museum of North African Islamic art, as well as paintings and ceramics by Morelle himself, all set within a stunning botanical garden that became the Moroccan retreat and sanctuary for French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent.
Address: Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh
Telephone: (00212) 024 30 18 52

Marrakesh Museum

The “Jewel of Marrakesh”, the Dar M’Nebhi Palace is a beautiful example of Andalusian architecture containing lavishly decorated rooms in traditional Moroccan style with exhibits displaying traditional and modern Moroccan art, Moroccan Jewish artifacts, Berber carpets, and historic Arab books.
Address: Place Ben Youssef, Marrakesh
Telephone: 044 39 09 11

Museums in Essaouira

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum

Named after the founder of the city of Essaouira and located in the 19th century residence of a pasha, the museum’s collection demonstrates the local traditions exclusive to the region with musical instruments, pottery, textiles, and jewelry, with many artifacts belonging to the Gnawa ethnic group.
Address: Essaouira
Tel: 212 44) 47 23 00

Museums in Safi

National Ceramics Museum:

The 16th century Portuguese Citadelle de la Kechla is home to a vast collection of traditional Safiot pottery known for its fine engravings, stamped surfaces, and sculpted exteriors in an array of traditional colors and patterns. The citadel itself and the view from the ramparts over the medina of Safi are an exquisite experience as well.
Address: Citadelle de la Kechla, Safi
Telephone: 212 446 3895