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Welcome Morocco Traveler FAQ

Welcome Morocco Traveler FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers From Morocco Travel Experts. For more specific travel questions visit our FAQ

Passport: Make sure that as a traveler to Morocco you have a passport that will be valid for a further 6 months after you enter Morocco. We advise that you also carry an original or photocopy of your identification card or driver’s license. Passports can be renewed at your local consulate or passport office.

Arrival in Morocco: Upon arrival you will be supplied with an entry card. You are required to fill in your name, passport details, flight details, and the address of where you will be staying.

Flying: Morocco is 7½ hours from New York’s JFK airport and a short flight from the UK and France. Morocco is served by a number of airlines and depending on your originating country you can consider using one of the following: Royal Air Maroc, Iberia Airlines, Air France, Delta, Lufthansa, EasyJet

Morocco does not have internal flights for travelers, therefore the ideal way to reach each city is by vehicle on a private tour.

Travel by Train: For those who are interested in travelling by train, we suggest that you refer to the Lonely Planet or Rough Guides books on Morocco. Train travel is available only between the Imperial Cities.

Moroccan Banks & Money Exchange in Morocco: The main banks in Morocco are Banque Marocaine du Commercial (BMCE), Banque Marocaine due Commerce et de L’Industrie (BMCI), Banque Commercial du Maroc (BCM), Banque Populaire, and Credit du Maroc (CDM).

Banking hours in Morocco are from 8:15am – 3:45pm, however during Ramadan the hours are reduced to 9:00am – 2:00pm.

Where and How to Exchange Currency in Morocco: Moroccan Dirhams are necessary to travel in Morocco. US Dollars and Euros are widely accepted in major hotels, but only very occasionally by shopkeepers. Otherwise, we recommended that you carry Moroccan Dirhams.

The Bureaux de Change can be found in most Moroccan banks, major hotels, airports, and ports. Most currencies are accepted, including US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds, however others, including the Australian Dollar, are not accepted. Check with your consulate or local bank to see if your currency is accepted for exchange in Morocco.

ATM machines are the quickest and easiest way to obtain Moroccan Dirhams. ATM’s accept most major debit and credit cards. Depending on your bank, you may be able to withdraw up to 4,000 Dirhams (about $500 US Dollars) per day. Contact your bank for your daily withdrawal limits.

BMCE and Credit du Maroc (CDM) do offer cash advances on Visa and Mastercard, however this process may take several hours to complete and is also quite costly.

Driving Times in Morocco:

From Casablanca: Casablanca to Marrakesh: 3 Hours Casablanca to Rabat: 1 ½ Hours Casablanca to El Jadida: 2 Hours Casablanca to Meknes: 3 Hours Casablanca to Fes: 4 ½ Hours Casablanca to Chefchaouen: 5 Hours Casablanca to Tangier: 5 Hours

From Rabat: Rabat to Meknes: 1 ½ Hours Rabat to Chefchaouen: 4 Hours Rabat to Asilah: 2 Hours

From Fes: Fes to Marrakesh: 7 ½ Hours Fes to Meknes: 1 Hour Fes to Moulay Idriss: 1 ½ Hours Fes to Volubilis: 1 Hour Fes to Seffrou: ½ Hour Fes to Ifrane: 1 Hour Fes to Chefchaouen: 3 Hours Fes to Tangier: 6 Hours

From Marrakesh: Marrakesh to Essaouira: 3 Hours Marrakesh to Ourika Valley: 1 Hour Marrakesh to High Atlas Toubkal: 2 ½ Hours Marrakesh to Ouirgane: 1 Hour Marrakesh to Agadir: 3 Hours

From Ouarzazate: Ouarzazate to Marrakesh: 4 ½ Hours Ouarzazate to Skoura: ½ Hour Ouarzazate to Boumalne Dades Valley / Dades Gorge: 2 ½ Hours Ouarzazate to Todra Gorge: 2 ½ Hours Ouarzazate to Valley of Roses: 1 Hour Ouarzazate to Draa Valley: 2 Hours Ouarzazate to Merzouga: 3 ½ Hours Ouarzazate to Zagora: 3 ½ Hours Ouarzazate to M’hamid: 4 ½ Hours Ouarzazate to Erg Chegaga: 5 ½ Hours

From Essaouira: Essaouira to Casablanca: 5 Hours Essaouira to El Jadida: 3 ½ Hours Essaouira to Sidi Koki: 30 Minutes Essaouira to Agadir: 2 ½ Hours

From Tangier: Tangier to Chefchaouen: 3 Hours Tangier to Tetouan: 1 Hour Tangier to Fes: 6 Hours

Arrival & Departure Details for Tangier Med Ferry & Airport: For those interested in arriving or departing from Tangier there is the option of the Tangier Airport, or the Tangier Med Ferry. Ferries run daily to and from Gibraltar. For more information on ferry times visit: