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Responsible Travel
How to be a good guest

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel & Understanding Cultural Etiquette are a key part of a traveler’s experience and factor into the ethos of Morocco Traveler’s Boutique Private Tours. As a visitor to Morocco our list of Responsible Travel Tips will enable you to travel Morocco in an ethical, culturally and environmentally responsible way leaving the lightest footprint as possible.

Try to use private tours and group transportation during your travels in Morocco to limit gas waste and emissions.

Camp only in designated areas when traveling in Morocco as fields are a private source of agricultural business for local families.

Access to potable water is a serious problem in Morocco. Please do not bathe or do laundry in the rivers or streams when traveling in Morocco as this can pollute a village’s main water source.

Although hunting is not restricted in Morocco, the loss of Moroccan wildlife should not be taken lightly, as many species are already in danger of extinction.

Since 2000, many of the new resorts in Morocco were built using sustainable building and development practices with an emphasis on protecting the environment.

Tourism has become a leading industry in Morocco and the country is aware and responding to critical issues of sustainable tourism and Morocco’s environment.

Morocco proactively protects its environment through its planting programs. Every year two million palm trees are planted with an aim to deter the effects of tourism development.

Despite new efforts to sustain the environment, pollution, desertification, overgrazing, and deforestation are still threatening problems to the health of Morocco’s environment.

Responsible Travel Comes with Responsible Views on Culture.

Morocco has a multicultural and multi-religious past but is predominantly a Muslim country today. Moroccans are typically tolerant of other religions and most visitors. Those of Jewish and Catholica faiths will find places of worship in large Moroccan cities.

Proselytizing is illegal in Morocco therefore during your visit do not impose your religious beliefs on others.