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Cooking Workshop – With A Dada Chef
Discover Moroccan Cuisine

Cooking Class

10:00am – 2:00opm or 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Join a cooking workshop conducted by a dada, a traditional Moroccan cook, or a chef from a local restaurant. Small groups of up to 10 participants work alongside a translator and the chef to learn classic Moroccan cooking techniques using modern equipment found in everyday kitchens. At the end of the workshop, participants dine on the meal they have prepared together. A typical half-day workshop will include instruction for an appetizer and a main dish, or a main dish and a dessert.


Begin with a greeting and brief description of Moroccan cuisine by an English speaking interpreter.

Moroccan bread baking demonstration at a communal bread oven.

Visit to the spice market.

Cook at your own workstation alongside the chefs to prepare a delicious Moroccan meal.

Moroccan Meals: two Moroccan cooked salads, chicken & preserved lemon tajine with olives, pastilla with milk for dessert.

Participate in a traditional Moroccan tea ceremony.

Dine on the lunch or dinner you have prepared.

Option to add Moroccan wine pairings for an additional fee.

Choice of half-day classes

Price includes the cooking workshop and lunch or dinner. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

Briouate Cooking Class Menu Options:

Assortment of Moroccan briouates, or turnovers – cheese, chicken, ground meat, vegetables, and seafood

Pastilla Cooking Class Menu Options:

Chicken with almonds Seafood Vegetables

Tajine Cooking Class Menu Options:

Chicken tajine with preserved lemon and olives

Chicken tajine M’derbel with stewed tomatoes, cinnamon, and sesame seeds

Lamb tajine with dates and almonds

Lamb tajine with figs and walnuts

Beef or lamb tajine Makfoul with steamed tomatoes and onions

Lamb tajine with prunes and apricots

Couscous Cooking Class Menu Options:

Chicken or lamb with caramelized onions Chicken or lamb with seven vegetables