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About Morocco Traveler
a full-service Morocco travel agency offering affordable, luxury, and private tours to Morocco

Morocco Traveler

Morocco Traveler is a full-service Morocco travel agency offering affordable, luxury, and private tours to Morocco
by Moroccan travel specialists with over 15 years of in-country experience.

The Morocco Traveler Experience

The sights we list on our itineraries are the highlights of Moroccan cities and regions, but each region of Morocco can be developed into a special experience and our service is to curate a trip to Morocco that resonates with you. Monuments and museums are a great starting place, but we encourage travelers to let us know what is relevant to them and then use our knowledge of Morocco to create an itinerary that will suit budget, time-frame, tastes, and interests.

Benefits of an Anglo-Moroccan partnership

  • A multilingual English, Arabic, and French speaking contact before and during your trip
  • A true understanding of your expectations and requirements
  • Reservations through a licensed Moroccan Travel Agency & Morocco Travel Specialist

Our Locations

Our Moroccan offices are located in Marrakesh and Ouarzazate. Our parent company office is located in New York, New York, USA.


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Experience & Passion Are Our Hallmarks

Alecia Cohen


Morocco Traveler Director – Alecia Cohen is an expert on Morocco, Berber culture, and socially responsible tourism. Before founding Morocco Traveler, she published Global Rhythm magazine and traveled extensively discovering the best in world music. A trip to Morocco proved so enchanting that she moved here ten years ago and formed Morocco Traveler with her husband to share the beauty, tradition, and history of Morocco with visitors.

Hossaine Amiri


Morocco Traveler Tourism and Transportation Director – Hossaine Amiri is an expert on Moroccan history and southern Moroccan tribal culture, Mr. Amiri is fluent in English, Moroccan Arabic, French, and Berber, as well as an off-roading specialist. Hossaine was born in the charming village of Ait Ouzzine (The Beautiful Village) in the Atlas Mountains.

Mohammed Elhakim


Mohammed Elhakim was born in Fes. He has a BA degree in English Literature from Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University and is a member of the National Tour Guide Association.. He has been a leading guide in Fes for 7 years. As an experienced guide El hakim has also worked with the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and the Work camps Associate of Voluntary Youth. El hakim’s hobbies are reading and traveling. El hakim specializes in cultural tours with couples, families and groups.

Abdellatif Rahhali


Abdellatif Rahhali has a B.A Degree in English Literature. He is former teacher at a Military school in Marrakech. Abdellatif has been working as National Historical Guide in Morocco since 1999. He is a brilliant historian and offers guiding that is on par with a poetic brilliance that bridges culture, society, history and tradition.

Jabboury Madani


Jabboury Madani has been a National Guide for over 13 years. He has a degree in English Literature and is passionate about knowledge. For Madani his touring expertise and motto is the “sky is the limits” for providing history, information and culture about this mother country, Morocco. He loves connect with guests and families on a nurturing guiding level and is hospitable with his time and explanations. Madani has a family

Azeddine Bousghiri


Azeddine Bousghiri was born in the Fes medina. He studied English at the University of Fes he received his B.A. in American Literature. Azeddine has been a guide for over seventeen years leading large cultural groups, couples, families and renowned authors on historical tours of Fes. He guides with an air of knowing Fes like the back of his hand, intimately with an in-depth and respectable knowledge of all things Fassis. Azeddine also specializes in Jewish Heritage. Combining his guided tours wtih with enthusiasm and humor Azeddine is a true ambassador for Morocco. His personal interests are family, social, political ,religious, cultural, and art history.

Ahmed Mha


Ahmed Mha was born in Ait El Farssi, a charming Berber village in south eastern Morocco. He grew up and was schooled in the Tinerhir, Todra Gorge region of the South. His later education was at the University of Marrakech where he studied English literature and published a well known document on the story tellers in Marrakech called Myth and Reality in Moroccan Folktales. Mha is a member of the National Tour Guide Association and has been leading tours nationally within Morocco since 1996. He has a penchant for travelers who are educated and culture. Ahmed currently lives in Agadir, Morocco with his wife and two children.

Bouabid Abduljalil


Boubaid grew up in Sefrou, a small city nestled in the Middle Atlas Mountains and known for its heritage of having a historic Jewish community. Fluent in English, Arabic and French his multilingual capacity enables him to provide a rich perspective of Morocco’s interior. He studied within the Talmud School of Sefrou and as a child was intimately involved in Jewish life there. Bouabid has a Bachlors degree in Industrial Design. His origin alike most Moroccans is from a large family of 6 siblings. Bouabid is well versed In the Imperial City and Desert terrain of Morocco and has worked in tourism and for Travel Exploration for over a decade. As a family man Yassine brings to a travelers journey an insider perspective of Morocco, the culture, it’s history and an intimacy that is intrinsic of the Arab and Jewish culture.

Abdessalam Nabil Mezguildi


Abdessalam Nabil Mezguildi has been a licensed tour guide for 35+ years. His specialty is Moroccan History and Jewish Heritage. Mezguildi was born in Morocco’s spiritual capitol of Fes. His personal interests are reading, travelers and discovering stories in history. He is proud to introduce people to Morocco and share all the country’s wonders. His experiences have enriched his perspective and increased his knowledge, ultimately bringing much color to his life and to the traveler.

Abdelali Lakdimi


Abdelali Lakhdimi was born in the village of Azilal Province. He has a Bachlors degree in English, studied at the University of Marrakech and has been a national guide since 2007. A former teacher Lakhdimi is an expert at guiding travelers while providing key historical and cultural information in a palpable format. Proud of his country Lakhdimi has a penchant for introducing visitors to Moroccan heritage, culinary arts and traditions. The more he interacts with people, the more he claims to better understand the value and depth of his own culture. For him traveling is more then site seeing as it changes lives. Come roam Morocco with Abdelali and let him show you the country through his eyes.

Elmaraoui Zoubida


Elmaraoui Zoubida is one of Marrakech’s leading female guides for over 20 years. Zoubida Studied English literature in Rabat at Mohammed V University and lives in Marrakech with her family. She speaks fluently English, Arabic, French and Berber.

Haddou Baalili


Haddou Baalili has a B.A. Degree in Linguistics. He is a former Mountain guide and has been a National Historical Guide in Morocco since 1999. Haddou is currently studing for an MA in North African Tourism. Baalili’s guiding skill set is perfect for families, groups and those wanting a broader perspective of Morocco without an intensity of history. National Guide: Haddou Baalili Born: Ouaouizeidh, Beni Mellal Languages: English, Berber, Arabic, French

Aziz Goumi


Aziz was born and raised in Rabat. His origins are from the Rif Mountains. Since high school he has been engaged in various cross-cultural programs hosting American students and has a love of knowledge and education. He has a Bachelors degree in English. During Aziz’s years in university his focus was on Travel literature and postcolonial studies. Aziz spent 4 years living in the USA and since his return has been involved in the Moroccan film industry and become a National Licensed Tour Guide. Azziz is passionate about Morocco’s diversity and topography and about being a national guide.

Abdellatif Elkherchi (Latif)


Abdellatif was born in the Marrakech medina in 1960 and is a graduate of the University of Marrakech. He holds a degree in English and has been guiding for over 28 years. His specialty is Moroccan History, Religion, Jewish Heritage and Architecture. Latif has worked for high-end clientele ranging from VIP Embassy guests to professional journalists at various well-known International news papers and magazines. He is married and has three children. In his free time he enjoys reading books about history, religion and Moroccan tribes.

Yassine Togza


Yassine is Berber from a Marrakech family whose roots originate from the Ait Togza tribe in the Ourika Valley. Fluent in English, Berber, Arabic and French his multilingual capacity enables him to provide a rich perspective of Morocco’s interior. He grew up in the Marrakech High Atlas and has a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Literature. Yassine is passionate about Moroccan cuisine with one of his favorite dishes being a chicken and preserved lemon, olive tagine. Togza’s favorite writer is Allal EIFasi who was born in Fes in 1910 and then passed away in Romania in 1974. He has traversed the Moroccan terrain for over 9 years as a driver for Travel Exploration. Yassine is family man and offers both a welcoming and insider perspective of Morocco. His conveyance of culture, history and traditions through the eyes of a Moroccan Berber provide an intimacy that is intrinsic of the Amazaigh people. Togza’s favorite movies are “Bemnjamin Button”, “The Town” and the block buster “Gladiator” which was filmed at Ait Benhaddou Ksar, Ouarzazate, often referred to as the Hollywood of Morocco.

Youssef Achaoui


Youssef Achaoui is from the red city Marrakech and is a former Mountain guide. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people,. He has a penchant for learning about different culture, meeting new people and connecting with them through their language. Youssef is fluent in English, Arabic, French and Berber Tamazight language. Youssef is passionate about his country and loves sharing its traditions and ways of life with Travel Exploration’s guests. In his free time Youssef plays soccer and hiking.

Tahar Najoui


Tahar Najoui is originally from Agadir. He has been living in Ouarzazate for over 25 years and is a leading driver in tourism with expertise on Southern Morocco. Tahar speaks English, Arabic, French and Berber. He is excellent with families and private couples. His roster of being in the tourism sector has also included being a driver and interpretor for directors and private films including major international productions such as Salomon, The Seventh Scroll, Cleopatra, Joseph, Jesus, Gladiator, Marie Magdalena, Guida and Tommaso, The Four Feathers, Hidalgo, Sahara, The Ten Commandments, Body Of Lies, The Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone Thriller, Prince Of Persia, Oliver's Arrow, Sex And The City, and Competition : Expedition Impossible. Tahar is a family man and has a true passion for his Berber culture and its rural farming traditons.

Ismail Ait Brahim


Ismail Ait Brahim is originally from the regio of Ouarzazate and has been working in tourism for over 25 years. He speaks fluent English, Arabic, French and Berber. Having studied in Agadir with a degree in Geography Ismail took his career off road to be a professional tourism driver for private travel and for films. Ismail has been an off road driver for directors and films such as Sahara, Body of Lies, Sex in the City, Prince of Persia and Expedition Impossible.

Mustapha Amdiaz


Mustapha Amdiaz was born in Ouarzazate in 1975 to a Berber family and is from one of the oldest villages in the region. He grew up in the Marrakech medina. Mustapha studied economics and French Law. Mustapha speaks fluent English, Arabic, German, French and Berber. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, reading and learning foreign languages. Mustapha is also fond of cooking and his favorite types of Moroccan cuisine are to make a Berber Tajine, Couscous and Fasis traditional Bastilla. His ethics for tourism and approach to his work are lead by honest, seriousness and a principle to have fun with the guests he hosts.

Mouhssine Boulla


Mouhssine Boulla was born in a Berber town nearby Marrakesh. Boulla has a degree in Linguistics. Boulla has been working in tourism for over 4 years and is an expert on Morocco’s South. He speaks fluent English, Arabic, French and Berber.

Mohktar Abouissabal?


Mohktar Aboussaba is one of Morocco’s leading national guides and experts on Jewish Heritage. Born and bread in Morocco’s Imperial City of Marrakech, Mokhtar is the first son and the seventh child of a family of nine. He is also the son of a well-respected Arab Scholar. Mokhtar Abouissaba has a BA in English Literature and “English” as a second language. He trained as a teacher and originally taught high school both in Moroccan and Libya for seven years. After following up with some studies in history and anthropology Mokhtar decided to become an Official Tour Guide in Morocco. Since becoming an Official National Tour Guide in Morocco, Mokhtar has led tours with several prominent agencies. A leader in his field Mokhtar decided to specialize in Jewish Heritage and Jewish Historical sites in Morocco. Having worked as an expert guide for UJC and JDC, Mokhtar now has made a name for himself with some of the top agencies and tour operators in Morocco; and give s lectures on several aspects of Moroccan Judaism. Mokhtar Abouissaba has been featured in several television programs in the USA, namely on the Travel Channel’s Bazar in 2003 and on ABC’s Born to Explore series in 2011. Mokhtar lives in Marrakech Morocco and is married and has three children, two sons and a daughter.

Sabir Ait Said


Born in in the Ourika Valley in 1981, Sabir has been a professional, licensed tourism driver for over 7 years. Prior to being a tourism driver he spent 7 years being a mountain guide in Ourika and an assistant for national guides for 2 years. Sabir prides himself on his Berber culture and enjoys sharing his native life and experiences with travelers. Sabir is married and has a baby on the way. He speaks fluent English, French, Arabic, Berber and some Spanish.

Brahim Amiri


Brahim Amiri is part of the Morocco Traveler family of new drivers with high level of expertise in off road travel and an expert in Southern Morocco. He has been working in tourism since 2004. Brahim Amiri was born in in Ait Ouzzine, a village nestled between the Saghro and Atlas Mountain region in Southern Morocco. He is Ait Atta Berber Tribe, and from one of Morocco's largest Berber tribes. He speaks fluent English, French, Arabic and Berber.

Abdelhadi Chahine


Abdelhadi was born in Casablanca. He has a Bachelors degree in Experimental Science and an advanced degree from the American Language Center. Abelhadi is a former teacher assistant and expert on Casablanca and the surrounding Imperial City regions. He is a leader and has a deep love and respect for Morocco’s culture and rich lifestyle. The authenticity of Moroccan traditions and its people inspire him to make each tour he drives and hosts richer.Abdelhadi has worked in tourism for 17 years and is always looking forward to his next tour experience with foreign travelers.